Essential Functions:
List major areas of responsibility and briefly what the person does in each area.
The staff writer assists in development and implementation of overall marketing and public relations plan. Other responsibilities include:

Marketing: responsible for producing copy for NMHS advertisements, website, social media accounts, publications and other routine corporate marketing and assuming primary responsibility for one or more ongoing projects. Responsible for review of PR materials to ensure they are written in corporate voice and meet corporate graphic standards.

Special Events/Special Projects: Serves as liaison and coordinates special projects and duties at the request of administrative staff. Staff writer assists with planning, coordination and overseeing virtual and in-person special events, i.e., groundbreakings, open house, press conferences, etc.,

Media contact: Serves as media contact, as required.

Job Knowledge:
Specify required education, licensure/certification, prior experience, skill, behavior, equipment operation, type and duration of on-the-job-training, patient population to be served, etc.

The staff writer should possess a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and experience in Journalism, Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications or related field. It is highly desirable that the staff writer possess at least three years of prior experience in public relations, communications or a related field. Should have strong writing skills and some experience in social media, graphics, layout/design and printing.

Short, specific statements about skills needed in areas of planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating the work that is to be done.

Must keep abreast of all NMHS activities. Serves as liaison with news representatives and other media assigned. Is responsible for protecting confidential information and coordinating release of timely, accurate information to media and general public.

Human Relations Skills:
With whom does the person come into contact and to what degree? 

The staff writer will have contact with NMHS personnel, physicians, guests, media representatives, community leaders and elected officials, etc., so must possess a high degree of people skills and have a positive, caring attitude.

Please give examples of the types of major problems encountered and challenges of the job.

Since the staff writer is active in public and community affairs involving the hospital and its affiliates, it is important that he/she exhibit a high degree of courtesy, tact, diplomacy and be able to maintain integrity in highly emotional situations.

Freedom to act:
List examples of major decisions the incumbent can make (employment, termination, coaching, budget, customer service, etc.)

May make decisions as appropriate in areas involving release of information, unless it is a deviation from approved corporate communications standards or policies.

Volume, expense budget including personnel (or Indeterminate)


Highest Education Level Required:
Required Degrees And Majors:
  • Bachelors in Marketing OR
  • Bachelors in Public Relations OR
  • Bachelors in Journalism