The Glycoscience Center of Research Excellence, GlyCORE, is a relatively new Phase I COBRE grant in the School of Pharmacy.  GlyCORE consists of three research cores, four research projects, and very soon, two pilot projects.  We received the award May 15, 2020, and one of our main goals is to support and foster glycoscience research throughout the Mid-South region.  We’ve just begun using social media as one of the means of outreach.  Our goal is at least three posts weekly on each, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  But would like to expand that if the need arises later.

We’d be happy to work with an intern, or to hire a student worker.  The posts would highlight the glycoscience research, researchers, and students in the labs.  We also occasionally have workshops and training sessions that we’d like to promote.  Our best guess is that this could be accomplished in approximately 10 hours per week.