(Joint employment opportunity with Taylor Square Photography & White Studio Creative)

We are looking for a bright, creative, innovative, and business-driven intern to help us manage our current social media clients as well as public relations and social media for Taylor Square Photography.

This position would include but is not limited to:

● Travel on weekends to designated weddings for social media content.

● Creation of digital media and public relations campaigns as well as applicable content for various industries.

● Work with vendors, publications, and clients to promote accounts.

● Maintain and manage multiple social media outlets for multiple clients, meaning multi-tasking and

organization is a must.

● Monitor posts to ensure brand messaging is constant.

● Work alongside the team to create a plan for social media strategies monthly.

● Assist in the growth of the brand by raising awareness through various social media platforms.

● Aid in the daily aspects of promoting any business’s campaigns.

● Interact with followers and potential customers by communicating and answering questions through the company’s social pages, if applicable.

● Assist in implementing plans to increase followers on popular social media websites such as Twitter,

Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Personal Qualifications

● Wide knowledge of media outlets such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and how to properly create

content that works to integrate with each outlet.

● Ability to read and report analytics, and adapt based on key performance indicators.

● Creative mindset.

● Ability to multitask while remaining organized.

● Ability to work in a team.

● Ability to communicate effectively with clients.

● Prior experience with marketing or social media.

● Must currently be working on or have received a Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, journalism, public relations, or related field.

● Certification in Google Analytics is preferred.

● Comfortable with working with Adobe suites.

Required fields of study: Journalism, IMC, Marketing, Advertising, Business, or Graphic Design

To sum it up, we are looking for a creative spirit that has a passion for digital media and a background in the areas referenced above. Please ensure your is portfolio up-to-date with campaign management, visual communication, and/or digital experiences at the forefront.

To be considered: Please email your resume and portfolio to info@taylorsquarephotography.com and baylor@whitestudiocreative.com with the subject line “Joint Position Application”.