WKRG-TV News 5 is currently accepting applications for a limited number of Summer 2024 Internships.

Why Intern with WKRG-TV / wkrg.com in Mobile, AL?

  • You will learn so much by observing AND DOING.
  • You will work with knowledgeable, friendly, generous teammates.
  • You will participate with a diverse cohort of students from universities across the USA.
  • You will have fun on the job.
  • You will have a blast when you’re not working, as our community has many beautiful beaches, other great attractions to see, and activities to enjoy.
  • Your internship experience could significantly strengthen you as a candidate for full-time positions upon graduation.

Qualifications for the Summer 2024 Internship [REQ-29337]:

  • Internships with WKRG-TV / wkrg.com are HIGHLY SELECTIVE.
  • All Summer 2024 Internships are IN-PERSON and based at our main broadcast & digital studios in Mobile, Alabama.
  • All internships are SUPERVISED.  The intern’s station supervisor will oversee the intern’s attendance and performance to evaluate, monitor, and assess the intern’s progress and ensure they are receiving the proper education/training.
  • All internships are UNPAID.
  • Students who must earn academic credit to participate will receive priority consideration for positions in the cohort.  Students are expected to obtain and complete any forms necessary to receive credit for the internship experience.  The intern’s college/university academic advisor (and institution guidelines) determines the amount of credit available (and subsequently, the amount of time an intern will be available on a weekly basis).  The station intern supervisor will take into account each intern’s availability to establish a work schedule which provides for an enriching experience.
  • The intern is responsible for their own transportation.

APPLY NOW to secure a Summer 2024 Internship position:

An application is required.

Go to the Nexstar Careers portal at https://www.nexstar.tv/careers/ and apply for Summer 2024 Unpaid News Internship [REQ-29337] no later than 5pm CST, Thursday, May 23, 2024.

However, as interns are selected on a rolling basis, first-come / first-selected, we recommend you APPLY AS EARLY IN THE SPING 2024 SEMESTER AS POSSIBLE.

After submitting your application online, please email a copy of your resume to WKRG News Director Gene Kirkconnell at jobs@wkrg.com.  The body of that email should include a short note explaining why you are interested in participating in Summer 2024 internship program.  Also, in that email, offer up several timeslots which are convenient for you to participate in a video conference to interview for the position.

IMPORTANT DATES & DEADLINES for Summer 2024 Internship Applicants:

Applications, interviews, and acceptance are conducted on a rolling basis.

Summer 2024 Internship Cohort positions will be filled by qualified candidates on a first come, first selected basis.  When available internship slots are filled, the application process will be closed.  This may occur BEFORE the deadlines and dates posted below.

The sooner you apply (by March 15, 2024 is recommended), the sooner you will be interviewed, and the sooner you will learn if you have been accepted into the program.

Here are some important dates and deadlines of which to be aware:

Selected interns may begin their internship experience on or after Monday, May 6, 2024.

Selected interns must complete their internship experience on or before Friday, August 30, 2024.

Thursday, February 1, 2024 – Application Period Opens

Thursday, May 23, 2024 – Application Period Closes on or, per rolling acceptance, before this date

May 2024 – Group Internship Orientation Session (via Video Conference Call on a Day/Time TBD)