An internship through the MPA Education Foundation is an invaluable opportunity to learn first-hand the importance of community journalism in the Magnolia State. Open to students at in-state colleges and universities, the internships are a 10-week summer program during which participants work alongside the men and women who are the editors, reporters, photographers and hearts of Mississippi newspapers.

Talk with your advisor, call your local newspaper or contact MPA directly for more information. At MPAEF, we’re proud to help cultivate the next generation of great journalists.

About the internships

Interns are selected by participating newspapers. MPAEF will send copies of candidate profiles to newspapers that ask for them. Completion of a candidate profile form does not constitute an application for acceptance into this program.

Candidate profiles should be submitted no later than May 15 each year for distribution to participating newspapers prior to the start of the annual internship cycle. You may download a candidate profile form here.

You may contact your local newspaper or a newspaper you are interested in working for directly to see if they are participating in this program.