Do you look up etymologies for fun? When listing three or more items in a sentence, do you use the serial comma, series comma, or Oxford comma? Do you think you could write the copy you are reading right this moment better than the weirdo that did it? Are you looking for a college internship that involves more than getting people coffee? If you answered yes to all four of those questions, we’d like to meet you. Mad Genius is currently accepting Copywriter College Internships applications in exchange for college credit.

You can plan on this: Our team will be teaching you about life in a creative agency. You’ll learn about the project process, how our agency world works, and ways to leverage your unique brand of creativity for clients. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll make some friends here that will become lifelong chums for the rest of your professional journey.


• Be working towards a bachelor’s degree in a field related to advertising and/or writing
• Capacity to juggle and prioritize multiple projects (without freaking out)
• Have samples of previous writing
(coursework or extracurricular)
• Possess a basic understanding of social media



Apply online at madg.com/introduction/careers. This position is for in-house only. Remote candidates will not be considered at this time.