We currently looking for a talented person for the position of Visual Storyteller/Marketer.
This position requires a self-motivated person that has knowledge of all aspects of video production as well as marketing and social media platforms.

Your Talents
Are you currently seeking a position in the news or broadcast industry. Do you have a love for fashion and amazing eye for style and trends? Are you able to create and produce short video stories quickly and artfully. Rather than paying your dues at a small town television station, reporting on stories about pot holes in local roads, think about using you skills in our new fashion based business model? You can be an integral part of our team creating exciting fashion inspired stories daily.   

We are in the beginning stages of launching a new social media based business model. Though we have been in business since 2004, we will be operating this new venture with a start-up culture. Creativity, prudence, and efficiency is crucial.

Position Requirements:
   •    be able to generate ideas for, creatively write, artfully shoot and edit your own stories.
•    have great communications skills and be a spokesperson for Libby Story.
•    be able to produce (write, video, edit) several 30 sec. – 1 minute video stories a day.
•    possess a passion women’s fashion, have great style and a very good eye for fashion trends.
•    have a good understanding of marketing with Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.
•    Employment will require relocating to the Jackson, Mississippi area. (don’t be scared.)

to apply: candidates must solely produce, be a spokesperson in and submit a short video (30 – 60 second) on their favorite fashion trend. You will be judged on creativity of story, artfulness of videography, and communication skills. Please do not spend more than 4 hours total on your submission video.  With your video submission please include total work time from start to completion. 

This is an entry level position. This job is perfect for someone wanting to work in an intimate work environment with few limitations, besides budget and your creativity and skill. Join a small start-up team to grow a exciting new business concept and push your personal growth.

Here are some examples of things we are doing: