Sapphire is a fast-growing digital marketing agency that specializes in providing high-performing content. We work with our network of creators to make UGC-style content, which our clients can use for paid ads.

Become the strategist behind content that companies use for their sponsored ads. Become the expert in consumer products and figuring what we can do to make content that helps our clients acquire new customers.

Ideal Week:

  1. Create Campaign Storyboards for new brands that we work with. Every campaign starts with a clean idea storyboard. This helps us prepare what to create for clients. The storyboard will eventually get turned into this on our software. Think of this as a pitch deck that our clients get to review before we kick off production.
  2. Manage Creator: You will have to write out scripts + ideas for our creators to use as inspiration to create the content we want. We have our own software with creators that you’d be able to access.
  3. Finishing Touches: Most of our creators will send in RAW content. We have to take the RAW content and add text to it. You will have to write out instructions per video to send to our video editors to apply. Upon completion, you will have to QC check to make sure its CLIENT ready to send for approval to send.
  4. Client Communication: Presenting the ideas you come up with to the client team (if you want to). Being able to keep client up to date and providing the best customer support we can.
  5. Being a team player: You will have daily stand ups with your team members to discuss the day to day work flow. Therefore this is not the ideal 9-5. You will have to coordinate based on the deliverables you have for your pod.
  6. TikTok research: You will have to learn how to read data. For clients that we work with on a monthly basis, our goal is to help them increase their marketing budget. In order to increase their marketing budget, we have to demonstrate that the content we are sending to the client is helping them reduce their cost of acquisition.

For more: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3089048765