Intern with AP & Kelly aS wE C it!, broadcasting to over 30 stations throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. The radio show covers 48 minutes of provocative analysis, commentary, news & notes & preview SEC.

Interns can help with:

  1. Scheduling and Preparing Guests
  2. Story ideas
  3. Possible assignments to cover events/games
  4. Researching information
  5. Marketing/Sponsorship – opportunity for compensation
  6. Social Media Contributor/Monitor
  7. Communication and interaction with athletic media relations departments.
  8. Creativity and Initiative are valued skills for this assignment.

Hours are flexible and the internship includes task oriented time requirements. Course credit is available by filling out the School of Journalism and New Media’s internship credit form.

To apply, reach out to A.P. Steadham, APS44@msn.com.