Newscast Producer

WCBI-TV is seeking a producer for the News Department.

Four-year degree in journalism or related field preferred

Preferred but will train the right person with working knowledge of the position


* Attend news planning meetings
* Contribute story ideas in all planning meetings, including sweeps and event planning
* Stack a creative rundown with cohesive story flow, maximum story count and proper balance of news, sports and weather
* Utilize live shots, maps, graphics, animations and technical effects to maximize newscast pacing
* Write and/or proofread all stories and ensure that video is edited to meet technical and aesthetic standards
* Insert any breaking news/weather immediately prior to and during a live broadcast
* Update scripts with late breaking information immediately prior to and during a live broadcast
* Produce breaking news/weather cut-ins as necessary
* Pitch working and final rundowns to News Director for approval
* Write compelling stories
* Coordinate live shots with field crews and assignment desk
* Communicate effectively and directly with anchors, assignment desk, production and field crews to ensure each party has a clear understanding of their role in the newscast
* Responsible for ensuring all pre-production elements necessary for newscast are ready
* Effectively execute and time shows to ensure a clean, informative newscast that starts and ends on time
* Keep up with current events
* Assist in making beat calls

* Perform other duties as assigned by the News Director


* Understand depth of coverage
* Manage time effectively to meet daily deadlines and ensure packages “make slot“
* Punctual
* Working knowledge of newsroom equipment and capabilities
* Familiarity with ENPS and Adobe a plus

* Knowledge of news legal and ethical issues, particularly those relevant to slander/libel

Other Requirements:

* Be punctual
* Communicate with co-workers
* Be courteous
* Dress in a professional manner
* Be respectful of station property and the property of co-workers
* Keep work area organized
* Attend station meetings that encourage career advancements/communication (consultant visits, staff meetings, etc.)

Send us a formal cover letter and resume` by email to:

Robert Davidson
News Director
PO Box 271
Columbus, MS 39703