Coordinates projects and activities for marketing products or services by performing the

following duties.

Will Assist with advertising schedules and placement.

Reviews specification sheets, obtains and prepares bids, and acts as liaison with vendors

in such areas as delivering marketing material, scheduling proofs, and meetings.

Assisting customer databases and generating internal database information, such as lists

and counts for direct marketing projects.

Assistant in & produces sales and marketing reports.

Will Collect and help maintain photo work, artwork, and film, and maintains marketing

literature, archive files, and sample files.

Will assist with trade show exhibits, promotions, packaging, shipping, and staff travel

plans, and travels to and participates in trade shows when necessary.

Will help prepare involvement in community organizations and events.

Provide assistance with production and logistical support for core digital marketing

functional areas, including content marketing, social media, tradeshow and events,

inbound marketing, and partnership marketing.

Assist with website and database updates

Reach out to kendrick@hybridreliefms.com to apply