Paying for college is hard while student loan debt is at an all-time high!! Sadly, 70% of graduates will leave school owing money. We know that juggling part-time jobs around academics, club activities, or being a student-athlete can be challenging. That’s why working for Knowtice is the perfect solution for you! We’re helping all needy students pay for school-related expenses…SO THEY CAN GRADUATE DEBT FREE! Let’s work together so you can enjoy school and have financial freedom following graduation!

  • Instead of paying for expensive advertising to launch in new markets, we are choosing to support students
  • Each student salesperson will LEARN as they EARN, receiving $.75 cents on EVERY DOLLAR generated!
  • That’s $562 dollars minimum for EVERY category, for EVERY partner, that you bring on from within the community!
  • And that’s recurring revenue coming back to you EVERY • SINGLE • YEAR that you’re still in school!

Knowtice Categories include:

Shop, Dine, Drink, Music, Sports, Charities, Fitness, Salons, Churches, Coupons and Specials, Help Wanted, and many more.

Who Are We?

Knowtice is the far-reaching app that is quite literally changing the rules on how our end-users will create, view, and access all of their useful communication…while also giving back to collegiate communities! Can you imagine a world of no pop-up ads, fake news, political opinions, no privacy concerns, scams, and other social media annoyances?


All full-time college students or incoming Freshmen are eligible. You must have an active college email account. All students are welcome regardless of their major or current year in school. The individual should enjoy talking to and meeting people, has the drive to control their financial future, and is excited to help “Change the Rules” of existing social media. Having a tablet is preferred.


Through friends, family, church members, and contacts every student knows somebody that owns or manages a business, group, or organization. Simply introduce the app, explain how their support will benefit you as a college student, close the deal, and create their profile page. Then follow-up with the business the following year to thank them again and renew their account.


Once the profile page has been approved the “business” will instantly pay  Knowtice, through our website, $750 for each category they want to be listed under while also entering the students’ email address to identify the support recipient. Then Paychex/Knowtice will direct deposit your generated support amount (paid in full) on behalf of your business partner(s) within 30 days.

How To Apply

Follow Knowtice on our Ole Miss/Handshake account page and apply. Interested parties should also send their resume to kermit@knowticeapp.com. Work will begin in mid to late September. Contact us at 901-301-3232 if you have any questions.

Watch our video to learn more: https://www.knowticeapp.com/students.