The Gray Talent Pool is designed to allow people who think they might like to work for Gray Television at some point (now or in the future) to create a profile. Candidates can list the jobs, markets & salaries they are interested in—as well as availability dates.  200+ news hiring managers in 113 markets have access to the pool and the profiles, so if a job the candidate might be interested in comes open, the managers can proactively reach out.  Candidates can edit their talent profiles as they update reels, resumes or as their career goals change.  Candidates can sign up for the Gray talent profile at this link or scan the QR code in the attached flyer.   This isn’t a job application, think of it more as a networking opportunity for future positions.

Gray only offers paid internships—and they are available at every Gray station.  Students have to apply for them on our website.    We also offer a mentorship and fellowship program.

Gray offers:

  • Free healthcare options in 2023
  • $18/hr minimum wage
  • Expanded PTO
  • 401k Match is 5%
  • Paid Parental Leave for new moms & dads
  • Live training from our team of executive trainers for every new producer, reporter, photographer and investigative reporter