To provide accurate and timely information to the educational staff, students, and citizens of the community regarding efforts by the district to provide each student with a quality education.
1. Serves as a liaison between the district and the community.
2. Establishes annual goals and objectives for the district public information program and budgets accordingly.
3. Supervises the preparation of all district publications including brochures for recruitment and orientation of new staff and information brochures for parents of students new to the district.
4. Plans and implements periodic public sampling relative to present and future needs of the district.
5. Maintains open lines of communication with all community organizations and provides prompt responses to requests for information regarding the policies and programs of the district.
6. Maintains accurate files and mailing lists on community organizations with expressed interests in educational affairs.
7. Serves as resource for staff development in the area of communication.
8. Assists school communication efforts through training, professional direction, and review of communications prepared by school staff.
9. Directs the Marketing Program of the school district.
10. Coordinates volunteer efforts between the schools and community.
11. Assists with district policy and keeping abreast of any policy changes.
1. An earned Bachelor’s Degree (A) or higher in Communications, Journalism, or related field.
2. Experience in educational communications. (Preferred)
3. Demonstrates proficiency in oral and written communication
4. Demonstrates proficiency in the use of technology
5. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board and Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.
6. Ability to effectively communicate both written and orally.
7. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills both orally and in writing.