Addie Internship Program.

Internship Available:

1.  Chief of Staff with a Marketing Focus.

Beginning of Internship: ASAP following application and interview.
End of Internship: July 31st (School and Summer Break Accommodations will be made).

Send inquiries to work@getmyaddie.com (see further requirements below).

About Addie.


Addie, LLC is a new technology company based in Oxford, Mississippi and founded by an Ole Miss Journalism and Law alum. Addie is looking for two Ole Miss students to assist the founder and company for a 6 month internship program.

About the Addie Internship Program.

Addie will be basing operations for the time being out of Insight Park on campus at Ole Miss. Work hours per week, and day-to-day, will vary but will be no more than 10 hours per week. Interns are not required to work at Insight Park and may complete tasks remotely. Interns will be required to attend a weekly (probably Wednesday, but TBD) meeting in person. The weekly meeting time will be set by the founder and the two interns to accommodate student schedules.

Interns will use brand new Apple devices to complete their Addie work. If the Intern completes the program term, the Intern will have the choice to keep the device (after being wiped off company data) or exchanging it for $200 per month completed. An Intern that leaves the program early will be compensated only $200 for each month completed and must return their device. Each Intern will also be given a monthly $100 pre-paid debit card that they may use for food and drink while performing company work.

Once the 6 month Internship Program completes, the Intern may be invited to join for a subsequent 6 months. An Intern that participates in a second Internship will earn $300 per month plus $100 per month pre-paid debit. An Intern that is invited for a third Internship Program can earn $400 per month plus $100 per month pre-paid debit. Interns that participate as second or third term interns will also be paid success-based bonuses upon completion of that term.

If continuing past a first term, the Intern may take the device or repayment. If repayment is chosen, an intern’s device remains company property for any future internship term and beyond.

Addie may also hire an intern on full time or part time at any time upon mutual agreement between the Company and the Intern.

Further Information

– Work for Hire Internships.
– Addie will work with Intern and School to get Internship hours if available.
– 6 month commitment.
– Summer or Winter Break accommodations will be made for in-office hours, etc.

Internship Device:
– New iPad with Smart Keyboard or MacBook (CoS/Marketing)

Technology Requirements:
– Use company email for company business – Google
– Use company chat for company business -Google
– Use company task manager for company business – ClickUp

Internship Requirements.

All correspondence should be sent to work@getmyaddie.com, Re: “Addie Internship Program: [Your Name] for [Position]”.
– Preference for at least three semesters of school remaining.
– Must submit a short cover letter (or email) explaining why you would like to work with us, detailing your current field of study, and attaching your resume.
– Bonus: submit any examples of your work.
– There will be one or two interviews prior to being hired.

Chief of Staff (Marketing) Requirements:
– Craft company communications, external and interior;
– Copy editing, design review;
– Run company Instagram and/or Twitter;
– Assist in company strategy;
– Assist founder in scheduling and meetings.

About Addie, LLC

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